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Feng shui

This web site and our book, THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO FENG SHUI presents a clear, concise explanation of classical feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of living in harmony with your environment. We do not deviate from, modify, or falsify the tradition developed out of thousands of years of observation and experimentation by the ancient Chinese.

The recent years have seen a surge of interest about feng shui. You’re not alone if you’re confused. The tradition has bulldozed its way into the West, becoming the craze du jour. It seems everyone is doing it or dissing it. Feng shui articles, books, entire magazines, complete schools, and comprehensive web sites have crowded the market. Most of these offer advice and varied techniques far removed from the real thing. They all seek to cash in while misleading the unsuspecting, taking full advantage before the uniformed consumer wises up and begins to question the myriad inconsistencies.

Here, you’ll learn what feng shui is and isn’t. Peeling away layers of superstition and myth permeating the modern practice, we’ve exposed the classic teachings based on humanity’s inseparable link with nature. You’ll learn the origins of feng shui and its fundamental principles. Also, we’ll introduce two classical methods of determining the auspiciousness of your home and its surroundings. While this web site touches on many subjects, a fuller explanation can be found in our book.

So, let’s get into feng shui!